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TV Plasma or LCD Which  TV Perth

Which is better value: Plasma or LCD?
If you're in the market for a big screen television — and we're talking 50 inches and above — then I suggest plasma as a safe buy. Plasmas give you better picture quality, while LCDs can give you better resolution. One other thing to look for, whether you opt for plasma or LCD, is an integrated HD digital tuner. If you after a smaller TV (17-inch to 42-inch TVs), LCD is the better choice.
Overall plasmas are chipper especially in the big TV market but LCD use less electricity so they are chipper to run. Both TV’s should last from 10 to 15 years.

TV Plasma or LCD

TV Perth Western Australia

Overall plasma TV I would buy a Panasonic. Panasonic Full High Definition TVs feature outstanding picture quality delivered through Full High Resolution Panels.

Overall LCD TV I would buy a Samsung, Sharp or Toshiba. (Toshiba is using Sharp LCD technology) Sharp is taking LCD TV to the next level by providing the broadest range, the highest-quality picture performance and the latest technologies including LED backlight, Integrated Blu-ray Player and 100Hz.
Sharp LED Backlight LCD Televisions 40" Full HD 1080P 100Hz Aquos with Full-Array LED backlight LCD TV

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If you are after cheap TV (You get what you pay for)this will be the best choice
Big W AWA 42” (106cm). 1080P. Blu-ray disc ready. Built-in HD tuner. 1920 x 1080 resolution. 1500:1 contrast ratio. 500cd/m2 brightness. 6ms response time. HDMI x 2 inputs. 176 degree viewing angle. 3-year warranty. Digital TV ready. High definition in-built digital tuner.
TV Perth Western Australia
Of course you can’t go wrong buying television like Sony, Pioneer, and Philips this brands are always been good TV. But you should seriously consider Soniq or Kogan the cheapest TV set on the market. This TV improves a lot and at the moment it is a good buy.

And I have to say if you are not short of money SAMSUNG LED TV is the way to go, bit pricy but the best. The good news is TV prices going down very fast, honestly I wouldn’t bother with other TV’s I would bay LED Sharp, Sony, or Samsung and if you are into 3D TV Samsung and Sharp are pretty good at it too, but remember soon will be 3D on the market without glasses
Reality TV
Where to shop? - In Perth I suggest “JB HI FI “,” Good Guys”, “Rick Hart”, “Retravision”, and “Harvey Norman”. Remember always offer at least 10% less than advertising price, they are always desperate to sell, you will get the deal.Happy TV Comedian Joke: Had my first Gig as a stand up comedian at an old people's home last night. They didn't get any of my jokes but they still pissed themselves.
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For the TV lovers don’t spend too much money on your TV set, hologram TV will be available soon maybe 2017 and that will change the way we watch TV.

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